My name is Ana Corral-Kelly.

I’ve been painting for 35 years mainly for my own personal enjoyment, art to me a  massive part of my life.

The most important thing is that I believe in myself and I’m confident about my accomplishments.
I’ve never taken any art courses, I have no qualifications. I’m a self taught artist that knows
how to paint, I can relate to everyday people, there languages and there minds. I visualise ahead on what they are thinking of and what they need,  I have that gift.
I sound very modest but it’s true.  I know as an artist I’ve perfected my  skills without formal education or training. If anything, it’s more like the opposite; I’m  “more” of an artist because I’m talented enough to achieve success entirely on your own without help from others. Most People who buy art couldn’t care less about where you went to art school or how many diplomas you have. They’re just looking for one thing and one thing only– good art. As far as you’re concerned, creating art brings joy to your life and selling it brings joy to the lives of others.
I donate 20% each painting sold  to multiple sclerosis as my charity to help people like me with MS.   ( I was diagnosed in 1999.)

Ana Isabel Corral-Kelly
(Ana with 1N)