I am an artist of multiple disciplines living and working in New York City.

I have been involved in many exhibitions in NY including solo exhibits. One exhibit, at the Laumont Gallery, I showed prints and digital animation. I has participated in numerous group shows in New York and Miami. I'm also involved in charity work and  donated pieces to several auctions benefiting such charities as God’s Love We Deliver, The Kilimanjaro Initiative and to Title One elementary schools around the city. I also wrote and illustrated a children’s book that is online.   

I studied painting at the School of Visual Arts where I received my degrees. I went on to do a residency program (through SVA) called Painting in New York. After graduation, I traveled to Europe, exploring the art scene and meeting other artists. When I returned, I took a full time position as a studio assistant to the American artist, Larry Rivers.

I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and other computer programs, and was able to seamlessly combined my traditional painting with my digital work. I am influenced by many artists. writers,philosophers and musicians, such as Thales and poets like Neruda. My love for nature and social concerns are apparent in my work.

I have permanent collections (10 pieces) hanging in the United Nations Federal building in Long island City, NY. and the River Rock Spa in Woodstock, NY.

I also work as a high end photo retoucher for many clients including Rolling Stone Magazine and Christian Dior.

I reside on the Lower East Side in Manhattan with her daughter Sonia and dog Lucie.