Bansri chavda
Art is like endless pursuit, and Ironically A STATE, which has no pursuit. 

Self Taught Artist's have a different journey , especially that time when ART has chosen them and not vice versa. 

My journey to ART started, when art chose me in a very difficult time in my life in the year 2001, before that too I had been painting but in the year 2001, Gujrat was badly hit by Earthquake, outside the whole state was into turmoil, people losing loved ones, homes, and practically everything they had , and personally I was facing the most rough patch in my life, the only solace I could find was in ART. Watching this grave situation, suddenly I felt I was better placed in life, at least I had a home to stay and my parents with me, I got the courage to help myself, till today I cannot discuss that part and feel no connection with it anymore , but at that time the inner silence was unbearable it needed an expression, and ART lovingly came and embraced me. 


I had no words to say and the canvass only knew the language of silence that's how started a loving caring tango, and a rub with the real self. 
That rub was so peace giving that now mind does not chase achievements ,
 rather wants to share, share the fact  that - ART  too like meditation is a means to dive into your own self. 

My art is like a mantra given by my master- love, live, laugh, give! To put it not in poetry but kind of classifying it I can say , 
My art has two aspects , 
One on one relationship with me , and 
One to many that is art to many people - the interactive art platform that I have. 

My interactive art makes me like a de notified nomadic tribe, venturing into workshops, seminars , movements, street art, community art , artcamps , awareness programmes , whenever it can find a way to connect , of late finding a little shelter in one upcoming institution SHIVKUL COMMUNE, in the foothills of Himalayas , in Uttaranchal India, now having joint efforts to build up a skilled school with a principal base for arts and culture. 

As an art facilitator my role always makes me jump out of the bed , my students who come at my home studio to learn art often tell me , I cannot paint , my painting does not turn good , and this is what I tell them , " the visual image will never have a static response , what immortalises it is the process!!!! It's not wishful buy a sketchbook, charcoal pencil and a few blending stumps , and just start with whatever comes out of you,,,trust me, your oneness to your renditions , will tell u the rest" I admit people do run away with such a teaching process ,, but that's the only way I know!!! And those who pursue, find a new tangent to their arc of experience!!!

Child art too has been at the core of my heart , raising my son I have articulated his journey so far ,,, from his untamed scribbling to ARTWORKS ,,, the magic they give I have no words to tell, I wish to take this art platform wherever it can take me, cause when children paint it's art which is so pure born out of LIGHT! 

Now as An artist ,,, when I find myself in front of me , it's wonderful , it's wonderful cause after more then 15 years of painting I can now narrow down to what I like doing . 
My process finds me more in love with linen canvass and oils , but I do pick up pen and ink , waters and charcoal for renditions like fine ingredients for my art curry . 

To my oils when I paint  I try to bring in the play of that what I love in waters, and texture and quality of a charcoal , it's not conscious but it happens that way ,,my subject comes later. At times, the painting is already made in mind and then its a reflection of it on the canvass, and at times it emerges!!! My art develops the best when I know where not to interfere! 

My works often reveal wisdom to me more when I stare at them in between, when I am working. They are like scriptures revealing meanings , and when something keeps hammering again and again ,, I do write on it -  rest of the time I feel an artist is hardly a Delphic oracle pronouncing truths from the spiritual world, or a pont-iff ( from the Fr. "bridge") interpreting the phantasms from one's unconsciousness and giving rendering them intelligible into language, but an articulate speaker and storyteller of the world about us.

To underline it ,,, It Is JUST THE PROCESS! 

Thus to me a "real artist" is an articulate dialogist in our ever changing world, raising the relevant question of Kant: What can I know, and what can I hope for? Is there purposefulness in the world...?