Early Years of Caroline Vis.

Caroline Vis was born in 1965 in the Netherlands, she was the youngest of three children. Her father was coming out of a middle-class family, out of Arnhem. Her mother was from a large family out of a small village called: “Chaam” in the south of the Netherlands.

Caroline did grow up in a middle-class family in Breda, her father was a hardworking man, and Caroline did have as far she can remember, a nice childhood until the age of 11 years old. This was a turning point, her father left the family and never looked back. For the next 30 years Caroline was begging for contact, but her father refuse any attempt. Caroline went to college she studied administration and economics and did try as hard as she could to get through a study, but all the trouble of her home situation with an alcoholic stepfather and violence home situation, she had to grow up in a very fast time to succeed. Stepfather and Caroline did not fit together and Caroline had a hard and very unhappy years in teenage life.

Caroline was about 18 when she decided to take her own life in her hand, and put herself at the first place.

Because of all the sadness, abuse and pain, she was confronted with in her late childhood, Caroline started to paint in the middle of the night, because she couldn’t sleep sometimes days after each other. The words Caroline Vis is using: “I use paint to put aside the pain and sadness to reach some happiness and I did succeed”!

She painted for years on, without having any idea of having a future as an Artist. She had her own business (gastronomy) and did make her own living. But for Caroline it was important to developed a subconscious way of painting, it is the same as for a songwriter who wants to write that song that nobody ever did, and want to bring the emotion to the people, Caroline did want to paint her emotion and bring it to her paintings.

Caroline is an autodidact Artist painter (in other circumstance, she would have done the Academy), have been painting her whole life! Like Caroline words:
For me, art is like breathing, Art is more than a painting, it is like a sculpture or opera I watch or listen to, it make me feel very serene. Art makes me feel alive! It gives me the feeling that I can live my life to the fullest.

From 2012 at the age of 47 years old, Caroline decided to start to create a new collection She just did felt that it was the right time to make a change in her life. And she did make a flying
start with exhibition and selling at Art Auction houses international in December 2014. She discovered that a passion is to paint large and larger.

Caroline had in 2015 a start in the Art World!

Carolines interview in Pheripheral ARTeries Review Summer 2015


Special Ussue.Published Juli 2015.http://issuu.com/artpress/docs/peripheral_arteries_art_review_-_sp_c9e9b7e3c1be99/68

She was exhibit in the follow places:


  • 28, 29 and 30 augustus Kunst te Ootmarsum NL.

  • 5 september kunst te Bergen NL.

  • 13 september Kunst in Buren NL

  • 29 september to 4 october, the Vt wonen en design Beurs Rai Amsterdam NL.



  • Drentsche Golf Club Assen, from October 2015 to January 2016 NL.

  • Art my Treasure Manchester December 2015 UK.

  • Saatshi Art.com 2015

Quotes of Caroline Vis:


  • “Live your life every day, like it is your last day”

  • “Money is that what we need for living, but my dog won’t eat it”

  • “You cannot always wait for the right time, sometimes you must dare to jump”

  • “It does not matter what you could have done or archive in your life, it matters what we are doing now with our life’s”.


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