Coyle has been working within art for nearly 20 years and been based in London since 2006. She has exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs throughout the city, including a solo show in Mayfair and exhibiting in the prestigious Mall Galleries.


Her work has appeared in The Times Sunday STYLE supplement, and on the cover of Level 25 art journal in Arizona America and Kapa magazine - the Sunday magazine of Greece's most prestigious newspaper, Kathimerini. Coyle’ work was selected by Los Angeles curator Bridget Carron for her collection Power Pop on Saatchi’ online gallery in 2014.

Coyle' work has also featured in the Mayfair Times February 2015 and in the August 2015 edition of Avari art magazine in Washington America. In 2016 Coyle’s ‘The Existence’ and the 'Untitled' series featured in the German based contemporary art magazine Visions Libres and on the cover of London's Litro magazine. More recently in 2017 and 2018 her work has featured in London art magazines What Is Art? And A5. In August Coyle’ painting 12.16.07 won the Artness Magazine cover competition for August’s issue. Interviews included in London's Family Office Elite magazine and


Earlier in her career in Ireland Coyle exhibited in the Tramyard Gallery, the Oisin Gallery, exhibited for the Irish National Portrait exhibition in 2005, and exhibited for charities in the Royal Hibernian Academy and Adam’s Fine Art auctioneers. Just before moving to London Coyle had solo exhibitions in the Signal Art Centre in Co. Wicklow and the Bank of Ireland’s art centre in Dublin, and was described as ‘one of the city’s most promising new artist’ {Metro Life newspaper- January 2006}, and a ‘rising young artist’ {Irish Independent- May 2006}.


While exhibiting in London, Coyle has expanded her audience by exhibiting in Los Angeles, and in several galleries in New York City, where her work has been positively received. She has also exhibited in NYC charity events alongside artists such as Jeff Koons, Yoko Ono, Ed Ruscha, Kiki Smith and renowned composer Philip Glass.


Coyle' current figurative work embodies 1st generation American Pop art qualities of the 1950's while focusing on contemporary imagery. Her focus is to produce accomplished paintings of a Fine Art standard within the process and execution of ideas. Most recently her painting 12.16.07 was awarded front cover of August 2018’s issue of Artness Contemporary magazine.

She is also working on an ongoing abstract project which commenced in 2002. In recent years this project branched into installation work and in 2018 the individual pieces received a special recognition and an award for excellence from Florida art gallery LightSpaceTime.