Art's a miracles,after mix-up of heart and mind exploring her situations on canvas or papers ,what you want to say with her like, types of love , education,political issues , globalization at all ,in my art works, you a absolutely realize a conceptual bond on that ,how to realize take a log breath with your humanity and you found a sprichualty of art,, peace,motion,diversen,etc, Diversion means your path unfortunately stand on your mindset,but you are go another way with your heartdefth,,, In childhood age I'm working with art use as mediam for express my internal feelings and own happiness at present time I make fulfilled happiness &love of art for my art lovers, in my art use mediam as ... ..acrylic,pencil,charcole,ink,on canvas or papers...etc. After the working .....always found a new expensive energy both of fabulous experience with very powerful Indian contemporary art style.