Julie Quinn is a faith driven artist working and living in Grand Rapids, MI.  She was born in Japan and her early childhood memories have influenced her very unique and personal artistic language.  She received her BA from Calvin College in Grand Rapids and has been painting for the past 30 years.  Her work is included in numerous public and private collections and traveling exhibitions. Julie had the honor of being included as one of only 30 artists worldwide selected for one such exhibition in the first ever Contemporary Christian Art Exhibit.  This exhibit was juried by the Vatican, viewed by the Pope and is still on exhibit throughout Europe indefinitely due to the demand for the show and it’s success.

Julie’s paintings are visual portrayals of her spiritual journey.  Her very unique technique and artistic language come from a place of deep contemplation and represent her intimate prayers.  Her hope is that the viewers of her work will sense a connection to her spiritual journey and come alongside with an open heart and spirit.

Julie enjoys the opportunity to speak often about her work and how faith and art are directly connected.  You will also find her in much demand as a teacher of her creative process both in and out of her studio to students of all ages and experience.

The creative process and artistic language that Julie utilizes in her work is completely unique and continues to evolve.  She works on claybord with ink, oils, and acrylic.  The black ‘calligraphic’ ink markings are most often the first layer and represent her very personal prayer language.  This is followed by several layers of acrylic washes.  The final layer is the application of oil paints. 

You can view more information about Julie and her work and many more examples of her artwork on her website at www.juliequinnstudio.com.


Contact information:

Julie Quinn

1533 Ridgewood Ave SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506


email: juliemquinn247@gmail.com

website:  www.juliequinnstudio.com

blog:  www.juliequinnstudio.wordpress.com

facebook:  Julie Quinn Studio