My creations are not tied up to my origin place, they are at the worldwide comprehensible, since they found on my personal feelings. Each my art-works contain an important part of my subconscious.  Through them I give you a reading of my thought. Connections, choice of colors and their compositions, together with the theme of writing are essential parts of my works.

Everything born from an idea, a feeling that I must realize on a white sheet and that has as beginning the writing, to fix my representation’s limits. The frenzy to achieve the desired change has surely influenced the realization time of my works.

To complete a work, and for my necessity, I must reduce the times among though and action.

I paint usually on canvas, but I can use paper or cardboard too. For these last supports need a preparation of the fund with egg white lengthened with some vinegar.

Naturally on the beginning I have a vague idea and that it can be momentary feeling or an old memory. I have just prepared the colors that I think to use. These can be ready colors in tubes acrylic or oil or pigments (earths, mineral or oxides). I fixed with a dark color (normally the black gotten by the blue and brown colors) the principal lines to delimit my idea and begin to realize my project. The forms and the size of colors among clear and dark are important to give a certain comprehensibility to the work.

When I thought that the art works is completed, I stopped to paint, I looked several time if it needs some changes. At the end the work is finished up with the application of a shiny acrylic varnish.

Well, now that I finished the job, I would come to say: read it you!