As a Scottish painter, my love for oils runs deep. This medium allows me to express the moments of my existence and capture them in a visceral and malleable way. Nature is a subject that I am drawn to, and I find myself continuously inspired by the complexity of the wilderness. Through my paintings, I seek to expose the soul of every river, tree, and ocean. Each shade of color and every shape has a hidden feeling and message that I want to bring to life on the canvas.

Music is also a significant influence on my work. I can see melodies dancing and changing like northern lights in the sky. I strive to capture every sound with my brushstrokes, allowing my soul to be hypnotized as I bring life to every note. I find inspiration in the rhythm and hues of every beat, creating a sensory experience for the viewer that evokes emotion and memory.

Currently, my working collection, Nott, explores my connection to Norse Mythology and my ancestors. I am fascinated by the ancient worlds, myths, legends, and magicks of the past. As an artist, I challenge myself to create something new yet old, reaching deep into my heart and spirit to put it on display for others to see. Through my paintings, I want to share knowledge, stories, and experiences that transcend time and space.

In essence, my art is a reflection of my soul. It is an extension of my being that seeks to evoke emotion, inspire thought, and create a connection between the viewer and the subject. My paintings are a sensory experience that immerses the viewer in the moment and allows them to see the world through my eyes.