Through many evolutions of my artwork, I have truly arrived at a place

with my art where I believe it is the truest and purest expression of 

me. My feelings for any painting (from subject matter, to mood to gesture 

to moment…) are expressed through my creating that painting. I want my viewers

to connect emotionally with the essence or soul of my subject matter while

at the same time take the journey on the canvas that I have given them through all elements.


In my art, line, form and a refined drawn image are as important to me as 

color, paint and paint application. I am always aware of the canvas as the 

flat, 2 dimensional object that it is. I am always aware of my viewer. And, 

I am always thinking of how I am leading my viewer around each canvas or paper

and why. My viewer connects with my art and the soul or essence of my subject

matter as well as with me and what has moved me. With all my art, including the 

combination, mixed pieces on paper, all that is there as well as what is not there, the viewer

gets to fill in and be part of the story presented while at the same time experience the colorful

and gestural spirit I have captured. 


The essence of me cannot really be summed up in a word or a sentence or even a

description. But it can be and is magnificently expressed through my art. I am

attracted to the purity and naturalness that exists in the world. Innocent, familiar 

emotions or moods; luscious, ripe, imperfect fruit; the simple, real beauty of

reaching and bowing flowers or trees; a graceful curve, an evocative color moment,

space, light… - all of this is what moves me and what I am always expressing with

my art. And ultimately, as I am giving my art and thus what is important to me out

into the world, I want my art to be so stimulating, such a truly sensitive expression

that the viewer can feel fully and have his or her attention held with new moments

continually discovered, noticed and savored.