In the 1970's, I formally studied art at Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan, where I earned a BA with a concentration in Painting and Pottery. In succeeding years, I married and raised a family, and worked construction to pay my bills, while putting my passion for my art on the back burner. When I retired from construction work in 2008, I began experimenting with my creativity, and began photography and attended pottery classes. I then became inspired to begin painting again, and have been enjoying networking with other artists by attending art exhibits, visiting studios, and making contact with artists world wide on social media websites.

My main focus is to interpret nature with an Abstract Expressionist style, using a free form in both simple and extensive shapes, composition, colors and subjects. Nature, created by God, and my deep religious faith, are what inspires my creativity. I consider myself a colorist, and like to use my love of color to the fullest in all of my art work, letting my spirituality guide me. I will often grab my camera and take pictures at the park, go to an art gallery or go on nearby nature walks to appreciate and think about ways to interpret the natural world.