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It all started with Bill West in 1971 with his first gallery, picture frame operation, fine and commercial art store along with a small guest fine artist class instruction venue. During the 80's his focus gravitated more to the reprographics and computer graphics systems integration business. More technology and art related businesses in the 90's along with the Internet in 1993. 1995 brought his first Internet company focused on marketing and technology business services for Sculptor-Artists. 1999 brought the founding and creation of SculptSite.com a sculpture news and updates website. This grew into a visual database driven project for the search and discovery of sculpture from a variety of search criteia.

2014 ARTdefs development is born. A comprehensive Art Register Library with a search and discovey engine and service for all the Visual Fine Arts community. Through this evolution we have created the absolute best way to get your fine art creations recognized. All linked directly to you and and all your own website and/or websites like Etsy, Fine Art America, Yessy and numerous others, blogs and social media. All Fine Art is now searchable by category, type, medium, subject, size, price, color, substrate, technique and more all linked to wherever you choose and NO COMMISSIONS! So cool and necessary to most any fine art creation is to be found and recognized so as to develop that all important dialogue between artist and potential client. Get your work listed now!

In addition a Fine Art Register Library. ARTdefs - Artistic Definitions is all about the Visibility & Discovery, Searching, Viewing, Enjoyment, and Experience that Fine Art and Sculpture provides. The ARTdefs - Artistic Definitions Association continually strives to bring you closer to Sculptor-Artists and their creative energies that help to fuel the wide variety of Art and Sculpture that populate our cities, homes, businesses, and museums throughout the world... - Enjoy!

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