by Audra Diaz


the macaws are the emblematic birds of the suramerican cities. In my country Venezuela, they are synonymius with colours and happiness. They fly through Caracas making noises, posing from tree to tree eating the fruits. I painted them with nostalgia for my land and they brought me their joy

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Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 0 CentimetersHeight: 120 Centimeters
Length: 80 Centimeters
Type: Painting Ed No. 1  Year: 2017
State: Unique
Mediums: Oil
Substrates: Canvas
Subjects: Wildlife, Unique, Realistic, Outdoors, Nature, Contemporary, Birds, Animal
Colors: Yellow Green, Yellow, White, Red (Dark), Red, Orange-Red, Multi Color, Magenta, Green (dark), Green
Styles: Realism, Modern
Shapes: (rectangle)
Options: Hand Painted Reproductions (non Giclee)
Artist Register #: A10757
Artwork Certification #: B323242

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