by Carol Fleming


black and white floor marble tiles broken into pieces. The tiles were extra from the church for the remodeling of the sanctuary floor. Members of the congregation of this Methodist church wrote words of gratitudes during Thanksgiving weeks. The metal artist made a steel frame with backing board for Studio Terra Nova. I arranged the tiles into a pattern to mimic white doves flying around in circle pattern, like large flock of birds in Murmuration. The art is big, 250 pounds, and full of impact, meanings after meanings. The artwork is hung in the fellowship hall, near a curving countertop for refreshments. Praise be to our Maker!

Artist Information for Carol Fleming
314 409 2222

Artwork Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 3.5 selectedFeetHeight: 5 selectedFeet
Depth: 2 selectedInchesWeight: 250 lbs
Type: Ceramic
State: Commission
Mediums: Ceramic
Subjects: Contemporary, Christ, Birds, Beauty, Abstract
Colors: Black and White
Styles: Contemporary, Abstract
Artist Register #: A10570
Artwork Certification #: B323490

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