Tree Mosaic
by Ivan Djidjev


I was inspired by the pure beauty of nature to create this mosaic.Trees are an important part of Mother Earth and their majestic presence have garnered them admiration from many different cultures. They have played a role in our existence since the beginning of humankind and provide life and a place to live for many living creatures. Mystical and majestic, trees are seen as ancient living beings. From healing to protection, trees have played a large role in our history. Cultures have coveted their energy and worshiped them. Providing us with so many of our basic needs, trees offer us far more with their mystical connection to our spiritually. A great energy and a wisdom are believed to flow through them.

Artwork Details:

Price: £470.00
Width: 43 CentimetersHeight: 44 Centimeters
Depth: 6 CentimetersWeight: 4 kgs
Type: Sculpture Ed No. 1  Year: 2019
State: Original
Mediums: Wood, Stone
Substrates: Glass, Board
Subjects: Abstract
Colors: Black
Styles: Modern, Contemporary, Abstract
Shapes: (irregular)
Artist Register #: A10774
Artwork Certification #: B323273

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