Anti S. A. D. 1,2, and 3 (displayed as a trio wall brightening group)
by Susan Royer


These three work well together and would surely add nature's floral beauty to any space separately or as a group. FOR SALE AS GROUP OR SEPARATELY

Artist Information for Susan Royer
804 247 3411

Artwork Details:

Price: $700.00
Width: 18 InchesHeight: 24 Inches
Type: Painting
State: Unique
Mediums: Watercolor
Substrates: Artist Paper
Subjects: Nature, Happy, Flowers, Contemporary, Blissful, Beauty, Artwork Series
Styles: Unique, Expressionism, Distinctive Fresh Young Art, Contemporary
Shapes: (rectangle)
Artist Register #: A10647
Artwork Certification #: B322320

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