Flag Series #9
by Carlos Uribe


The Flags are a fairly straightforward political statement about identity, inclusion and ultimately celebration. The idea was crystallized during our advance into indefensible wars and the monotone patriotic clamor that followed. I felt the flag was captive to a singular and mostly intolerant mind-set. I wanted to break past this oppressively limited thinking and give a voice to everyone and every different idea that defines community. I used a very basic structural approach and began to re-create the flag motif in wildly different colors, patterns and compositions. In the end I made one flag for each state. The flags are for all of us, for all of our diversity and the wonderful national spirit that is complex, multicultural and expansive in all ways.

Artist Information for Carlos Uribe


Artwork Details:

Price: $1,200.00
Width: 27 InchesHeight: 35 Inches
Type: Serigraph
State: Original
Mediums: Paper
Substrates: Serigraph (Silk Screen)
Subjects: Unique, Expressionist, Contemporary, American, Abstract
Colors: Multi Color
Styles: Street Art, Pop Art, Modern, Contemporary, Abstract
Shapes: (rectangle)
Artist Register #: A10660
Artwork Certification #: B322727

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