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by Giuditta-R


The artworks are generally created in a black white (pencils-support). Only little particulars are underlined, in each artwork, by evident and colored glitters, shiny pagliettes and little objects, emerging drastically or with difficulty, from each representation. This choice is meant to give a key of reading that brakes with the classic way of drawing. -”...small details that shine in the obscurity, bright jewels, hamlets, lucky charms, indicating hope for a future of consciousness. These bright elements symbolize the eyes of conscience and are giving light to the shadow...”- Looking at the series of drawings is like entering an ancestors gallery. The spectator’s visions, mainly of children/ghosts, are being overwhelmed by something unexpected, restless, and staggering. Faces of “youngsters” often portrayed in frontal positions, stare at the viewer, arousing a sense of awe and submission. In this manner, one enters a dark fairy-tale where heroic children – that recall those from the Grimm Brothers’ tales – intend to save us from ogres’ and witches’ violence, thereby adopting cruel methods themselves, likewise becoming tormentors and victims. These protagonists let appear deep psychological features which become mysterious, that turn them into messengers of the surfacing subconscious, something that all cultures seem to have in common. Generally this collection of beings, signed by scars and trauma, describes the singular development of the human in a society which is passing through a crisis rooted in the lack of spirituality. In this manner this project aims to be a deep reflection on spiritual evolution and self-awareness.

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Artwork Details:

Price: ¤ 3 000,00
Width: 70 CentimetersHeight: 100 Centimeters
Type: Drawing
State: Original
Mediums: Paper, Mixed-Media, Charcoal
Substrates: Paper
Subjects: Figurative, Expressionist, Contemporary
Colors: Gray, Blue, Black
Styles: Figurative, Expressionism
Shapes: (rectangle)
Artist Register #: A10643
Artwork Certification #: B322284

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