by Emma Coyle


The first painting in the new series 12.16. My current work embodies 1950's American Pop art and focuses on contemporary images. 12.16.09 is bold and striking in both colour and composition.

Artist Information for Emma Coyle


Artwork Details:

Price: $10,660.00
Width: 48 InchesHeight: 60 Inches
Depth: 1 InchesWeight: 0 lbs
Type: Painting
State: Original
Mediums: Acrylic
Substrates: Canvas
Subjects: Woman, Portrait, Girl, Figurative, Female, Contemporary, Art For Large Spaces
Colors: Yellow, White, Purple, Green, Brown (light), Black
Styles: Portraiture, Pop Art, Modern, Minimalism, Distinctive Fresh Young Art, Contemporary, Art Deco
Shapes: (rectangle)
Options: Hanging
Artist Register #: A10531
Artwork Certification #: B322089

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