Scottish Dream
by Luna Smith


oil painting on canvas 15.7inX11.8inX0.6in (40cmX30cmX1.5cm) Scottish Dream portrays a perfect moment in time, where the beauty of nature is fully appreciated and celebrated. The warmth of the sun, the tranquility of the water, and the natural surroundings all come together to create a dreamy and serene scene that transports the viewer to a world of peace and tranquility. In the foreground of the painting, a small, simple boat with a shed can be seen at the far end of the lake, adding a sense of scale to the immense beauty of the natural surroundings. The boat seems to be a humble addition to the painting, reminding the viewer of the simplicity and peacefulness of life in nature.

Artist Information for Luna Smith

Artwork Details:

Price: £495.00
Width: 15.7 InchesHeight: 11.8 Inches
Depth: 0.6 InchesWeight: 2 lbs (approx)
Diameter: 15.7 Inches
Length: 15.7 Inches
Type: Painting Ed No. 1  Year: 2020
State: Original
Mediums: Oil
Substrates: Canvas
Subjects: Wildlife, Utopia, undefined, Tree, Sunsets, Sky, Public Art, Office Art, Nature, Mood, Memory, Landscape, Lake, Impressionism, Hallucination, Expressionist, Emotions, Contemporary, Cheerful, Beauty, Artwork Series
Colors: White, Red, Orange-Red, Multi Color, Cinnamon , Blue (dark), Black
Styles: Unique, Surrealism, Modern, Expressionism, Contemporary, Conceptual, Abstract Expressionism, Abstract
Shapes: (rectangle)
Artist Register #: A10785
Artwork Certification #: B323348

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