by Hufreesh D Chopra


Personally, this painting is my “Monalisa”, a labour of love, where I have pushed my boundaries and experimented with different material to come to this visually stunning Art work. I have managed to create a raised texture which gives it a three dimensional feel and as with all my paintings it has many layers of colors below to give it more depth and multi layer dimension to it. This Abstract painting is open to many a interpretation. To me, it has feel of cave within which the Light dances and plays with joy. It is a reflection of ourselves… Each one of us is like a cavern with a Divine Light within us, but sometimes we only see the rough outward surface. In order to protect ourselves from getting hurt we form a strong fortress around our heart that doesn’t allow the Light to go through. This painting is a reminder to keep your Love overcomes all obstacles! 🙂

Artist Information for Hufreesh D Chopra

Artwork Details:

Price: $2,600.00
Width: 24 selectedInchesHeight: 3 selectedInches
Depth: 1.5 selectedInchesWeight: 4 lbs (approx)
Type: Painting
State: Original
Mediums: Mixed-Media, Acrylic
Substrates: Canvas
Subjects: Nature, Evolution, Emotions, Contemporary, Cheerful, Blissful, Beauty, Abstract
Colors: Yellow Green, Warm Highlights, Sandstone, Green (dark), Green, Gold, Copper, Coal, Burnished Finish, Brown (dark), Bronze (dark), Black
Styles: Unique, Modern, Contemporary, Conceptual, Abstract Expressionism, Abstract
Shapes: (rectangle)
Artist Register #: A10810
Artwork Certification #: B323393

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