Unraveling The X Factor
by Walter Fydryck


I chose X as the subject matter. X has a lot of manifestations, so I decided to relate it to the X Factor, and doing so, unraveling it. The X is formed by drawing connecting straps and rings on paper. The unraveling is achieved by attaching loose straps made out of Strathmore Bristol paper. Loose straps are rolled back as well as bent in various positions, adding dimension.

Artist Information for Walter Fydryck


Artwork Details:

Price: $275.00
Width: 11 InchesHeight: 15 Inches
Depth: 1 InchesWeight: 2.75 lbs
Type: Drawing
State: Original
Mediums: Pencil, Paper
Subjects: Unique
Colors: Silver, Bronze (dark)
Styles: Unique, Contemporary
Artist Register #: A10633
Artwork Certification #: B323427

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