Robins in spring blossoms
by Susan Willemse


Male Red Robins have stunning red chests, the females being brown, they are usually seen easily in winter but as spring arrives the red contrasts with the pale pink and white spring blossoms. They are easily frightened and fly away quickly with toes curled.

Artwork Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 60 CentimetersHeight: 30 Centimeters
Depth: 1.5 CentimetersWeight: 1.6 kgs (approx)
Type: Painting
State: Original
Mediums: Acrylic
Substrates: Canvas
Subjects: Wildlife, Unique, Birds
Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Multi Color, Green, Blue
Styles: Unique
Shapes: (rectangle)
Options: Hanging
Artist Register #: A10675
Artwork Certification #: B322713

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