Yellow- tailed Black Cockatoos
by Susan Willemse


This artwork shows the effects of humans on nature in that this family of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were upset because their pine forest that had so carefully been planted and was home to them was now being harvested. The food supply of pine nuts was being replaced by the grubs found in the fallen branches of the pine trees. Instead of perching high in the trees to feed, they were at ground level. Cockatoos are some of the most engaging of the Australian birds, the Black Cockatoos being quieter and more gentle and shy than the white Cockatoos, walking these forest's before the harvest meant that the cracking of the pine cones was often their location giveaway.

Artwork Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 60 CentimetersHeight: 61 Centimeters
Depth: 3.5 CentimetersWeight: 3.1 kgs (approx)
Type: Painting
State: Original
Mediums: Acrylic
Substrates: Canvas
Subjects: Wildlife, Unique, Birds
Colors: Pink, Multi Color, Green, Black
Styles: Unique
Shapes: (square)
Options: Hanging
Artist Register #: A10675
Artwork Certification #: B322708

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